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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free Sunday! Three Young Adult Books

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One summer night in the town of Hell, Ariel Donovan's best friend goes missing. Everyone else believes Jenna ran away, but Ariel thinks something more sinister may have happened. She dreams of Jenna running to the abandoned orphanage in town, and then the building catching on fire. What does the orphanage have to do with Jenna's disappearance?

To complicate matters, a handsome new boy named Henry Rhodes has arrived in town, plaguing her with unwarranted attention. Even though she tries to stay away, she's drawn to him despite her best efforts, and can't help giving in to her attraction to him. Though he doesn't believe in the supernatural events that Ariel begins to witness, she enlists his help to figure out what is going on.

But when she discovers the truth, it's much worse than she ever feared.

Unseen dangers threatened me in the dark of the woods. Sharp sticks scratched my bare arms below my t-shirt sleeves. Branches whipped my cheeks, snagging in my long hair. It was as if they were trying to stop me.

Jenna stood out as a bright spot, flickering in the trees ahead. I felt like if I lost sight of her for a moment, she would be gone forever. I was in the middle of my only chance. That thought kept me going, even as every breath burned, and my legs felt like they would give out. The sound of my lungs expanding and contracting took over the tattoo my feet were beating on the ground.
The only two people in the world at that moment were Jenna and I. She knew her destination, I could tell, as I crashed through the foliage that slowed me down. But whether she wanted me to follow her, or whether she was trying to get away, I didn't know. I wanted to shout again, but I knew the effort would be futile...

Delaney and Finley have been in foster care for 8 years. They are finally being adopted! Then the sisters find out their new parent will be none other than the mysterious widowed zookeeper of the infamous Zany Zoo, which has been closed to the public for years. Finley is thrilled at the possibility of unraveling the mysteries which lie ahead. But, her big sister Delaney’s anxiety has just begun to skyrocket.
The two sisters are soon shocked by the surprises they find as they arrive at the Zany Zoo. From the girls’ first night sleeping in the zoo’s aquarium, to learning to jump as high as a Florida Panther, the girls are filled with a sense of wonder and awe at the endless inventions and spectacle they find behind the closed gates of the Magical Fantastical Zany Zoo.

A centuries old curse, a mysterious pendant and a young love reignite a vendetta that had died down long ago...

Samantha, an outsider, finds an old pendant within her deceased grandmother's belongings. A short while later, the seventeen-year old goes on a school-exchange to Scotland. No sooner has she arrived at her host family's than she is drawn into the country's tales and myths. When she then also meets the attractive Scot Payton, her world completely falls apart. The mysterious Highlander soon conquers Sams heart. Caught up in her feelings, she does not realize how much danger she is in - what she does not suspect: Payton's past holds a dark secret. A secret that has bound together both their families' fates for hundreds of years and which is now also endangering Sam's life...

*** The eBook contains two versions - one with scottish dialect and one without. ***


‘Do you do this often?’ I asked quietly.



‘Go fer a walk?’

‘No! You know what I mean! Hanging out with girls you have just met?’

Now I was grateful that it was almost dark, because the conversation wasn’t very comfortable and I was bound to be red in the face.

‘No, I never dae this kind o’ thing! And yersel’? Dae ye often go wi’ boys ye dinnae ken?’

I shook my head, embarrassed.

‘No, actually I am timid and sensible.’

Payton had stopped walking and looked at me.

‘Dae ye think it is sensible tae be here wi’ me?’

His words were quiet, almost whispered and his whole posture seemed very tense.

‘No. It is the most irrational thing I have ever done.’ I confessed.

I looked for his eyes, but he had turned his face away. To loosen the atmosphere I joked ‘But I don’t think that I am in danger. You don’t look as if you have killed that many people recently.’

His laugh was hard and forced ‘No, ye are right. No recently.’