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Two Days of a Dream
by Kathryn Gilmore
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How to Find Success Selling eBooks
by Victorine Lieske
Non Fiction/ How to
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Dead Blow
by G.M. Barlean
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Here are Free Kindle Fiction, we grab several of the reads we tell you about. We thought we'd make a page dedicated to the books we read and liked for one reason or another. The first test to make this page is, did we finish it? We've hit a point in our reading career that if the characters don't grab us, the plot is silly or something else bugs us, we stop reading and rarely go back. Second, there has to be something different about the book to get posted here. The same-old-same-old won't make this list. If one of our readers tells us the book was amazing, we'll also post it here with their comments. We're usually really busy looking for new books, so be patient as we populate this page. :)

Did you read an amazing book that you got free from Free Kindle Fiction? 
 Tell us about it in the comments!

Children's Books

-According to our expert 4 year-old, this book MUST be read every single night -three times.



-We didn't find this one for free but Brandon's writing is so amazing!




-Love the little, old lady as the protagonist -and she's the murderer! The fact that she knits an effigy of her victims is hilarious.

 -Scrap booking tips plus a murder mystery? Yes please!

-@MichellePerdue1 tweeted to our wall: "philanthropist danse" fantastic, is a 6 on a 5star scale! Just a great book. Thanks again." 

It looks like we'll have to buy this one now. Unfortunately, we forgot to download it while it was free. :)



-Love Victorine's writing style. She has a protagonist that we really want to win!

-We read these two books and fogged the windows. No graphic love scenes but enough touching to set any hot-blooded person to sweating!


-A dashing man races in to the rescue. *sigh* It's a quick read.

 -We want a Captain Duran!

Science Fiction

Young Adult

-We could relate to the cute scenario. Don't you hate it when the person you like, likes someone else?

-Jasmine wants stability, friends and possibly a boyfriend. Who knew aliens would interfere?

Is someone from your school an alien? It could be the person sitting next to you . . .

-When a bad guy accidentally captures a good sprite-like being called a sparkling, his heinous deeds are thwarted by his new glittery body guard. What's an evil supposed to get his nefarious plans done? Laugh-out-loud fun for adults and kids!

-Funerals can be a cool place to hang out, right? What if you accidentally crashed a funeral for the half sister of the hottest guy in school? What if he talked to you and confided that he thought his sister was murdered? We enjoyed this read where the dialogue is realistic and the plot line has fun twists and turns.

Your turn! Tell us about those amazing books!