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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Free Sunday! Inspirational

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Kissing Adrien by Siri L. Mitchell

Claire Le Noyer, 29 , wants a do-over. She wants the life where she majors in history, not accounting. Where she takes two-hour lunches, not ten minutes in front of her computer. Where her pastor boyfriend treats her like an attractive women he’s deeply in love with, not like a nice pet dog.

But for now she’s a Seattle numbers-cruncher with a wardrobe from REI sent to fashionable Paris to check out an apartment left to her parents by a mysterious cousin. When her childhood crush-- handsome, pleasure-loving, and very French Adrien—introduces Claire to the City of Lights, she cautiously begins to embrace another way of living.

Teach Me by Bertha Yoder

Jessica McGuire lives a life of blessings. She‘s beautiful, smart and accomplished, but something is missing. Throughout her life, she has never learned to let go and trust in love. A workaholic to the core, she convinces herself that focusing on her education and reaching each level of achievement is the way to honor her commitment to God. Relationships are pushed aside in her quest to reach each goal she has set for herself. However, in completing the tasks she believed were right and would honor God, she begins to question herself. Did she miss out on God’s plan for her life and her happiness or has He been trying to get her attention lately?

Ordained Irreverence by McMillian Moody

Ordained Irreverence is a very funny novel about a young church intern named Elmo Jenkins who's learning the ropes in a big downtown church. It's loaded with humorous, awkward, and even touching stories, many of which were inspired by the author's own experiences. The cast of characters filling the pews at First Church keep Elmo on his toes and more than a little bewildered at times. Woven throughout Elmo's adventures is a hundred-year-old mystery he's determined to solve and even a chance at romance along the way. McMillian Moody's fast-paced, laugh-out-loud novel will bring a smile to even the most backslidden amongst its readers. - OBT Bookz

Includes Special Features: Cast of Characters, Deleted Scenes, Elmoisms, and an Interview with author McMillian Moody.

From the blog WithoutWax - " . . . do yourself a huge favor, forget about the 99 cent fries and [instead] order Ordained Irreverence. . . [it's] the best 99 cents you'll spend today. . . . thanks [McMillian] for writing such a fun book". Pete Wilson, Pastor of Cross Point Community Church and author of Plan B.

One reviewer wrote, "I have now sailed through the first few chapters of your book, and I am SHAKING with laughter. Maybe this is a Monty Python moment where you have to be in a certain mood to stomach, or enjoy "THE HOLY GRAIL", but your book has caught me in such a convulsive moment.