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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Free Saturday! Historical Fiction

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Now on to the books . . .

Hidden Legacy by Margaret Hodapp

During the late seventeen hundreds, Tessa O'Donnell's husband is attacked and killed by thieves as he returns home one evening, drunk, from the local pub in their small Irish village. Tessa, secretly relieved to be rid of her abusive husband, sorts through his meager belongings after the dreary funeral and finds a small, concealed box. Tessa is amazed to discover a boarding ticket and a small amount of cash inside the locked box. Furious, she realizes that her husband had plans to desert her and sail alone on a ship bound for America. Tessa is frightened to leave her familiar surroundings in Ireland but is determined to seek a better life for herself. She bravely uses the ticket and boards the huge ship to journey to America. A fascinating new friend whom Tessa meets aboard ship has an important influence on her life. Upon her arrival in America, a curious twist of fate and a conversation with a ghost draws Tessa deep into a daring adventure. The lonely widow attempts to unravel a series of confusing and puzzling clues in the exciting months following her arrival to search for a hidden legacy, unsure if the discovery will bring her happiness or more heartbreak.

Whiskey Pike by Jeff Phillips

Shane Bowermaster reaps the land and sells his crop of barley to sustain the family pastime and habit, whiskey. Inspired to try his hand at brewing the beverage of choice, a new trade consumes the Bowermaster family, leading them down a path toward one wild and wicked toast.

Winter Fire by Kathy Fischer-Brown

When Ethan Caine pulled the unconscious woman from the half-frozen creek, he had no idea that his world was about to explode. Dressed in quilled doeskin of Iroquois design, she stirred up dark secrets from his past. At the same time, she was everything he desired. But she was more Indian than white, and on the run for murder. He needed to know the truth. He needed to find it within himself to trust her.

Banished by the Seneca Indians who had adopted and raised her, ostracized by the whites in the settlement, Zara Grey wanted only to be accepted. “Ethancaine” treated her with kindness and concern. It was easy to trust him. But her Indian ways disturbed him, and her heart she would always be Seneca.