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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Wednesday! Police Procedurals

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From Publishers Weekly
Shamus-finalist Rhoades (The Devil's Right Hand) delivers a gripping stand-alone thriller. Undercover FBI agent Tony Wolf had infiltrated a meth-dealing biker gang until his cover was blown; since then, he's been living under an assumed name outside Pine Lake, N.C. Not even his wife or his employers know where he is. One day while out for a drive, Wolf spots the face of one of two kidnapped young brothers in a van's rear window. Wolf follows the van to a trailer, where he makes short work of the boys' kidnapper. By so doing, Wolf reveals his location to those who have been watching and waiting for him to reappear—drug-crazed bikers thirsty for vengeance, FBI agents hoping to either rescue or silence him and an aggressive local reporter. Wolf proves to be the sort who, once cornered, is far more deadly than his pursuers could have imagined. The action escalates to a powerfully violent, powerfully satisfying conclusion. (Aug.)
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From Booklist
Rhoades takes a break from his Keller series, featuring the Gulf War–haunted bounty hunter (Safe and Sound, 2007), with a stand-alone thriller starring rogue FBI agent Tony Wolf. Forced to break cover after rescuing two abducted children, Wolf—officially dead but living under the radar in rural North Carolina—suddenly finds himself on the run from both his former colleagues in the bureau (including his wife) and, more seriously, from the gang of drug-dealing bikers he infiltrated in his last FBI assignment. Tired of running from trouble, Wolf decides to go on the offense: take down the bikers, and expose the mole in the FBI power structure who is feeding the bikers information. If thriller fans are thinking Lee Child here, they’re right on target. Like Child, Rhoades dishes out one airtight action scene after another, mixing in just enough character-building moments and holding our interest in a full cast of nicely developed supporting players. All that, and a Sam Peckinpah–like bloody, bravura finale that will leave even icy-veined thriller fans panting for breath. --Bill Ott

Detectives Finch and Elias have seen a lot -- murders, assaults, rapes, missing persons -- but they've never investigated a missing mummy before. Follow the two partners in this novella as they sift through a half dozen different suspects and try to solve the mystery of a stolen mummy from the River City museum.

Part whodunit mystery, part procedural, with more than a little wise-cracking along the way, THE BASTARD MUMMY has a little something for all kinds of mystery readers.

(This novella is also included in the short story collection, DEAD EVEN, which contains several other Finch and Elias stories).

"Something Wicked This Way Comes" by the author Ray Bradbury was brought to mind by Jim Richards as a carnival has arrived in Las Vegas and is now the center of his attention for possible criminal activities. Children are starting to vanish and there's a number of jewelry store thefts involving most mysterious circumstances and expensive goods. Jim is asked by the parents of two missing boys to find them. The only clue he has is the handbill announcing the arrival of "Jacob S. Dark's Traveling Carnival and Wonder Show". To help, Buck and Mac go undercover in the carnival. Who is the mysterious Mr. Dark? Did he jump from the pages of Bradbury's book to claim souls in Vegas or is he evil of another form. Jim must hold on to his soul as he enters the world of the dark carnival. On the side, Angelo uses his mob connections to help find out who the mysterious Lucius Cole is and what his real connection is to the carnival people. All things are not as they seem in this twentieth novel featuring the senior citizen sleuth, Jim Richards along with Penny and his crime fighting friends.