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Monday, April 9, 2012

Free Monday! Science Fiction

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The future should have been perfect. Microscopic robots known as nans could repair any damage to your body, keep you young by resetting your cellular clocks, and allow you to download upgrades like intelligence, muscle strength, and eyesight. You were supposed to be able to have anything you wanted with a simple thought, to be able to fly without the aid of a machine, to be able to live forever. But when a small group of five terraformers working on Venus return to Earth, they discover that every other human in the solar system has been gruesomely murdered. Now, James Keats and his four companions must discover what happened to the rest of humanity and fight back if they wish to avoid the same, horrifying fate. Welcome to the post-human era.

Trapped below the surface of the Earth after a worldwide catastrophe, Tanner Styles, discovers a civilization that has remained virtually unseen for centuries.

Human and animal populations of the Earth are now on the brink of total extinction. Given a one time chance, Tanner and the leader of this lost tribe step forward in an attempt to instill, among the remaining populations of the Earth, an ancient idea.
This idea has been long abused, but forever dreamed of in the minds of those who have lived.

Can this idea be achieved? To change deeply ingrained ways of thinking, that have brought about only the destruction of the Earth and many other planets in the known galaxies, Tanner must endure the inevitable truths that must be faced in The Clashes Of Tarn.

From Publishers Weekly
In this promising series kickoff about an astronaut exploring the surface of Neptune's moon, Triton, Carver ( Dragons in the Stars ) masterfully captures the joy of exploration, although the story itself follows a fairly standard save-the-world plot. Pilot John Bandicut has been cut off from his internal link to the "datanet" by faulty technology, leaving him subject to maddening "silence-fugues." His need for contact makes him a perfect candidate for a symbiotic relationship with the alien quarx, who are trying to save humanity from a mysterious disaster threatening Earth. The quarx, creations whose understanding of Terran culture comes mostly from monitoring old TV and radio programs, have a certain gee-whiz quality, although their interactions with the datanet are intriguing. A rather adolescent love story combines amusingly with an unlikely case of xenophobia, and a fiery conclusion sets Bandicut up for further adventures in yet another alien world, where Carver may find greater room to employ his gift for the fine rendering of difficult scientific concepts.
Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal
Attached to a research and mining project on Triton, John Bandicut becomes the reluctant "host" of an alien mind who needs him as a vehicle to save Earth from a cosmic catastrophe. The author of Dragons in the Stars (Tor Bks., 1992) and The Infinity Link (Bluejay Bks., 1984) excels at exuberant storytelling as he explores the very real day-to-day problems of playing host to an internal guest. Hard-science aficionados will delight in the story's focus on chaos theory; general sf fans will appreciate the adventure and mood. A good purchase for most libraries.
Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc.