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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Free Saturday! Horror

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The lessons of Miss Mary Pennynickle continue. Her disturbing Tales of Torment for Toddlers prepared children for the horrors of the outside world.

Fairytales of Foreboding exposed the students in her care to the gruesome side of their beloved favorites.

And then there is her tortured take on history.

Miss Mary Pennynickle’s Hellish Horrors of History is a collection of lessons that Miss Mary made her students learn by rote. Again and again until their throats were sore and their tongues bled.

From the gory landing on Plymouth Rock to the 'assassination' of Abraham Lincoln, Miss Mary Pennynickle imparted her own take on history.
As she was wont to say, "Those who don't learn from history are condemned to damnation. Or my basement."

James DeSalvo has once again risked his fragile sanity in bringing these works to light for your enjoyment.

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Miss Mary Pennynickle’s Tales of Torment for Toddlers Only .99!
Miss Mary Pennynickle's Fairytales of Foreboding Only .99!
Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective Only $1.99!
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From us: We're not certain this book is horror in the classic sense, but the thought of this woman teaching ANY children sure sends a chill down our spine!

A desire to be reunited with her dead twin is about to become very real….

Gwen's had a tough year. With the anniversary of her sister's murder approaching, she finds she isn't ready for the real world. Her friends have another plan in mind. A visit to the mountains, and a weekend of fun, is what they promise. None of them expect it to be the trip to somewhere they didn't plan and one that may cost them more than they could have imagined.

On a deserted road, they collide head on with another vehicle. Certain she is about to die, Gwen never expected to wake up in a strange hotel. With the presence of hotel’s caretaker, and a vague request to follow the rules, she begins to wonder just where they ended up. As her friends begin to vanish, Gwen knows her time is running out.

With danger around every corner Gwen searches for a way to escape---

before one wrong choice is made and she loses her soul forever.

The war is over and the Vampires have won. The drying up of the world's oil resources leads to the fabled End of Days. Technology stagnates and communities grow ever more insular. With communication between cities lost and attention turned inward, the vampires rise from the shadows where they have survived for centuries and sweep across the globe. By the time word spreads it is far too late and Vampires enslave humanity and keep them in walled cities to breed. The Vampires are masters of the darkness but maintain control by day through the use of Thralls--humans who have been bitten but have not yet crossed over, and whose inhuman lusts make daylight as terrifying as night. In the midst of chaos, a small band of rebels lead a terrified existence, but their survival is threatened by the Vampire's new scanning procedures. John Harris is an ordinary man. Young and reckless, he is frustrated with the group's stagnation and pushes for one more daring mission. His recklessness has exposed the group--but it has also increased the size of their community. Now, as circumstances force them to take the offensive, and accompanied by a small group of professional Vampire assassins, John will make one last stand for humanity's survival in the Vampire Apocalypse.