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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free Sunday! Historical Fiction

Set in rural Georgia in the 1960s, BREAKING TWIG is a coming-of-age novel about Becky (Twig) Cooper, a young woman trying to survive the physical and emotional abuse of her mother, Helen, a beautiful, calculating woman who can, with a mere look, send the meanest cur in Sugardale, Georgia running for its life.

Not even Twig's vivid imagination, keen wit, and dark sense of humor is enough to help her survive the escalating assaults of Helen and a new stepbrother, but help comes from an unexpected source--Frank, her stepfather. Sometimes, having one person who loves and believes in you is all a girl needs to keep hope alive.

Often raw and irreverent and sprinkled with all the Southern flavoring found in a good bowl of chicken and dumplings, BREAKING TWIG, is about finding love where we least expect it, destroying lives with easy lies, and realizing each of us determine our own truth.

From Library Journal
In this spectacular new series, Morgan, an acclaimed writer of historical and futuristic romances, turns her deft pen to the Christian market to reflect a personal change. Abigail Stanton, who recently lost her husband and child, moves to Culdee Creek to become a housekeeper for Conor MacKay, a man whose previous housekeepers warmed more than dinner. Abby makes it clear that she won't tolerate any disreputable advances on his part, but she feels God led her to this ranch and this family for a purpose. As she grows to love Conor and his daughter, her faith inspires Conor to believe that there might just be something to this idea of religion. This wonderful start is for all collections.
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

A dying man prepares to confess to a serious crime he committed 55 years earlier. While he waits for the police to arrive at the Montana Veterans' Home, he flashes back to 1952 in Butte, Montana, and the Canyon towns near Hungry Horse , Montana. The fierce labor strike of 1952 in Butte and the polio complication to Mik Anzich's granddaughter come back to life.

Anzich and his son reluctantly leave the picket lines and their home in the McQueen Addition in Butte to work the final months of the construction of the Hungry Horse Dam where he lives a double life of a father/husband/shift boss and a carousing/gambling/alcoholic con man.

The son-in-law's connection with a ruthless criminal endangers his own life, as well as the life of his family members. As he unwittingly races toward the inevitable confrontation with this criminal and the FBI, a cast of unforgettable characters find themselves drawn into the unfolding drama. The construction history of Hungry Horse Dam and the Canyon towns emerge as this confrontation heads towards the mystery's exciting climax.