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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Wednesday! Murder and Mystery

This book is no longer free.  Unfortunately with all of the price matching Amazon does, the prices can change without notice.

July 1952 is teenaged Raleigh Buchanan’s last vacation on Country Pond, New Hampshire, where for the previous two summers he and an Irish boy had traded notes. Feeling the familiar rush of intrigue, Raleigh removes the kid’s latest note from behind the ceramic half-moon tacked above the cottage door. The note contains a riddle half-written in Gaelic. Mystified and irritated, he puts the note away with other childish things – soon to be forgotten.
Twenty-six years will pass before Raleigh, now a Boston police detective, realizes that the note holds clues he needs to solve a murder; and that it contains the key to his true heritage, which began with star-crossed lovers a century before he was born.
Against the backdrop of Ireland’s “Great Hunger,” the violent struggle of the 1860s to free Ireland, and “The Troubles” of the 1970s, The Butterfly Legacy, a 95,000-word historical novel, is a richly rendered story of Nelly, a young Irish girl and her descendants that began when she and an English captain fall in love. Resulting in twins who are separated at birth, their affair ends with the captain’s presumed abandonment of Nelly and her subsequent exile to Prince Edward Island, Canada where she enters into an arranged marriage to a man she does not know.
From Nelly’s near fatal voyage with the healthier twin across the Atlantic in a “coffin ship” to the 1978 murder of an Englishman whose brutalized body is found on the grounds of Winnekenni Castle located in Haverhill, Massachusetts (the city featured in Andre Dubus’s acclaimed memoire, Townie), the novel traces the adventures of 6 generations of characters as they encounter adversity and twists of fate, suicide and other family secrets, misguided patriotism and murder. These themes – tempered with healthy doses of Irish wit – will resonate with readers from most any ethnic group as they are drawn into the pain and joy of difficult lives fully lived.

A fast paced crime thriller with a twist, then pearl, then loop two and drop. Hilda Hopkins, the machine knitting murderess is on the run! Slipping mickey finns and strangling her gentleman guests with a knitted garrotte, Hilda has been bounced by the local 'Sweeney'. Her knitted dolls of each victim the most damning of evidence. Can she escape the long arm of the law before Scotland Yarn, er... Scotland Yard's finest find their fiend?
(We're downloading this one. It looks like it will keep us in stitches! Get it? Stitches . . . )

In this short story Presley goes home for Christmas expecting it to be a relaxing holiday until her old boyfriend, Brian, asks for her help finding out who has been stealing from him and it turns from theft to murder. Why would anyone want to kill Tommy and what was he hiding?