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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free Today! Three Science Fiction

Acclaimed comic writer and cartoonist behind Rock Opera, Rod Keirkegaard Jr builds on the success of Obama Jones & The Logic Bomb with his latest Science Fiction novel, The God Particle.

Driven not only the death of his friends but also the unexplained disappearance of their bodies from the morgue, Ricardo Alomar, in tandem with a foul-mouthed, sexually harassing female cop, discovers the secret of the Higgs Boson machine and the startling truth behind the disappearances. But the answer is utterly unlike anything he'd ever expected.----

He is the destroyer of worlds and the frightener of children. He has started wars and slaughtered millions. He is a man, an alien, a robot, and the devil himself. His legendary physique cripples feminine inhibitions, and his strength can move mountains. He is a gladiator, a scientist, a warrior, a poet, a lover, and a master spy. He saved a flailing transport filled with nuns and sent it spiraling into a sun. He swam in vacuum without protection. He punched a dinosaur.

He is Ivan.

In a galaxy where technology has outpaced structure and reason, the name of Ivan is known far and wide. Thousands of stories ranging across the realm of absurdity flit about in every corner, and no one quite knows if Ivan even exists.

Sid, a half-machine, human recorder known as an Archivist, travels throughout the galaxy in search of the truth behind Ivan's great myth. He gathers and interprets information, discarding the outlandish and seeking the tiny kernels of reality in each tale. As pieces of the legend fall into place, narrow escapes and near-deaths threaten an end to the Archivist's hunt. Unyielding, he is drawn ever deeper into the convoluted pool of madness behind Ivan's tale, and questions grow ever more alarming: What exactly did Ivan do to become so famous, and why is Sid not the only one looking for him?

Cristian Stefánsson is a man out of time. Cryogenically frozen in 2012, he is revived after almost five hundred years to find a world very different to the one he left behind. Human civilisation has recovered from a cataclysmic mass extinction and embraced the teachings of a mysterious and sinister prophet known only as Damarus. At first, Cris remembers little. He must piece together his memory of his former life whilst trying to come to terms with the strange and hostile new world around him. At the same time, he begins to develop a relationship with Lorelei Chen, a scientist and historian who manages to restore Cris to health. But what secret of her past is she keeping from him?

Cris must journey across the globe on his quest for identity, and will discover a dark secret that challenges his perception of reality. Is he caught in a predestination paradox, or does he possess the free will to alter the course of his own destiny?

So begins the dark journey that will ultimately define EDEN²...