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Friday, March 23, 2012

Free Friday! More Fantasy

Nina Strident was content to continue a successful position in insurance sales until a near fatal car accident changed everything. Although she finds love with her handsome rescuer, their romance comes with a price and there are dire consequences for upsetting the delicate balance between his world and hers.

As Nina recovers, she slowly unravels the mystery of her family’s past and discovers that not everything is as it seems in this world or the next. The alluring stranger from her dreams is real and he’s returned to take the life that he fought so hard to save.

Will Nina accept the secrets her family keeps or will the conspiracy between worlds threaten to destroy them all?

From the author of MELVIN THE DRY CLEANING ZOMBIE, THE VAMPIRE HANDBOOK and ROMANCE NOVEL comes another tasteless, tacky and laugh-out-loud parody.

As the official Royal Dragon Slayer of Fairytale Kingdom, Barth descends from a long line of monster-killing knights. There’s only one problem: Drag, the kingdom’s resident cross-dressing dragon, is also Barth’s best friend.

When the King orders Barth to kill Drag, Barth knows they have to flee the kingdom or else another knight will do the job. But after a beautiful witch begs Barth to stay and help rid the kingdom of a dreadful zombie curse, Barth discovers he may have found his true calling. Is he knight enough to stop the zombie outbreak, save his best friend and get the girl?

Approx 31,000 words

"...filthy, trashy, and downright fun writing style that makes the stories in this book a true delight to read." Here Be Zombies

" will grab you and keep you in stitches." Book Wenches

*****Praise for ROMANCE NOVEL******
“I found this story to be hysterical from cover to cover.” Diana from Night Owl Romance, Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

“This parody will have you laughing out loud.” Melissa from Were Vamps Romance

“Oh PJ Jones, you had me at ‘skanky crotch’.” Penni from Favorite Thing Ever

“By the time I finished reading my sides were aching with laughter.” Orchid from Long and Short of it Reviews

“If you are a fan of good satire, this is definitely a book for you.” Wendy from You Gotta Read Reviews

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2012 Quarterfinalist

Dixon Azel is in imminent danger of going to hell. As a demon soul broker in the employ of The Corporation--the business side of hell--a reprimand for unsatisfactory performance is a serious affair. Dixon's been in the world too long to go back. He can't imagine giving up sunshine, processed cheese, and network news in exchange for sulfur and flames. A demotion is more than he can handle.

Zack, his young manager, gives him an ultimatum, demanding ten souls by the end of the year. Dixon approaches the challenge with arrogance and enthusiasm. He uses romance to ensnare his prey, hunting the gullible members of online dating sites. As the year winds down, it seems that Dixon will prevail.

His masterful plans unravel when the young female demon Dixon has been mentoring disappears while working in the field. When she is captured consorting with unfavorable company, the ensuing disciplinary inquiry opens Dixon's eyes to a new world. He is introduced to an extraordinary group of people who strive to bring balance to the universe. Dixon's experiences change his perspective on a life that he has lived unquestioningly for over a thousand years. He must choose his path. Should he cling to the career he has mastered, but hates, or risk all to explore the dangerous world of collaborating with the competition? How can he follow his heart if he doesn't know what that means?

A satirical Urban Fantasy set in the American Southwest, INFERNAL STOCK I: DIXON BREAKS LOOSE was written by a 10-year survivor of Fortune 500 corporate bureaucracy. Full of dark humor, it is the tale of a regular guy working for a heartless corporation, where the CEO happens to be Satan.