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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Today! When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde

WHEN I FOUND YOU is a wrenching, fast-paced story about the risks, sacrifices, and faith necessary to accomplish something larger than yourself- - raise a child, save someone’s life, and follow your dreams, even in the face of crushing setbacks and staggering odds.

When Nathan McCann finds, and saves, a newborn baby abandoned in the woods, he asks the baby’s grandmother to someday bring the boy around to meet him. She agrees, but by the time she brings young Nat around, the boy is an angry 15-year-old with a police record and dreams of becoming a professional boxer. And she doesn’t just introduce Nat to his namesake, “the man who found him in the woods.” She washes her hands of Nat and leaves him with Nathan. Now Nathan must learn how to be both a father and a friend to a troubled kid who doesn’t want his help, doesn’t trust anyone, and doesn’t understand his own heart or the possibilities of his young life.

Surprisingly gritty but ultimately heart-warming, WHEN I FOUND YOU will appeal to fans of Alice Sebold and Mitch Albom, and to anyone who has ever raised a child or followed a dream.

“Totally engaging. In a smooth flowing, economical style you are drawn in and need to know what happens. A wonderful book.” –Love Reading

“A Powerful Book!...Catherine Ryan Hyde did it again! Another amazing book. Read it and you’ll wish for more Nathans and Little Mannys on earth. I surely recommend this story of family, friendship, and love to everybody.” –Len, reader review

“Unusual, moving, deft…Catherine Ryan Hyde is a powerful talent.” –Marian Volkman, reader review

“A stunning piece of fiction that explores family ties that go beyond a pure genetic relationship. Fans of Jodi Picoult will enjoy this well-crafted story that is impossible to put down.” –The Book Bag, 5-star review

“Gripping tale of a boy raised at a distance…an engaging and touching read.” –The Cambridge Review

“It is well worth reading and I wholly recommend it” –Chick Lit Reviews, 5-star review

“…it is the story of the life of a juvenile delinquent told in her sparse, economical style and is quite wonderful.” –The Bookseller