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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Today! Keegan's Peril by Bob Hett

When Lieutenant Jack Keegan of the Chicago Police Department was assigned to the Southside Irish Parade in Chicago he thought he was in for enjoyable and uneventful day. Those hopes were quickly dashed when a 23 year old man is killed only feet from the parade route.

The storyline moves quickly as Keegan and his small group of loyal allies struggle for justice against powerful political forces that few others have the courage to go up against.

"I have just read this book cover to cover. I simply couldnt put it down. It is so engrossing it had me hooked from the first paragraph and I just kept reading for two and a half hours. I admit to being a lover of Grisham, NCIS, Law and Order etc etc and this book has everything that makes those things great." avidreader

"I had planned on just reading a chapter or two before I went to bed - and ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting!" Daniel Wiggs

"This book is a page turner that hooks you right from the beginning. I felt compelled to immerse myself in Jack Keegan's mind - to understand how he thinks and how he sees the world." D. Lombardi

"Stories of police work, special forensics technologies, CSI, you name it are on TV shows and in the movies these days. That's why "Keegan's Peril" is so appealing to many readers. This book brings you right into the street events as if you're also wearing a blue uniform and wearing a badge." Crystal
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