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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Sunday! Historical Romance

To convince his father to disinherit him and reinstate his older brother, Terrance, Theodore "Theo" Winslow decides to come home with a totally unsuitable bride. When hiring an actress to play the role of his grasping, vulgar new fiancee proves too expensive, Theo turns to Sallie Ellis' brothel to see if she can spare one of her "girls" for a few days. Without telling Theo, Sallie convinces her cook, innocent, cheerful Molly Sweet, to take the job, because all Molly will have to do is pretend to like Theo in public. At first both Theo and Molly agree that their relationship is nothing more than a business arrangement, but as Theo gets to know Molly better, he finds he now hungers for something a bit more personal with his sweet Molly. With its excellent characterization, polished prose, and humor, Donnelly's latest Regency is a supremely satisfying, deftly plotted delight. John Charles
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
"...a delightful, sometimes heartrending tale...a terrific tale of love and discovery." -- Jani Brooks - Romance Reviews Today

"...delightfully offbeat romp with an engaging set of young lovers and a good cast of supporting players...highly enjoyable" -- Romantic Times Top Pick - 4½ Stars - Teresa Roebuck

"I highly recommend A PROPER MISTRESS, and can't wait for Ms. Donnelly's next book...." -- Five Roses - Marlene Breakfield, Escape To Romance


It was a bold and perilous plan – disguising herself as a boy and stealing aboard a ship bound for the far-off shores of Ireland. But from the moment orphaned Lady Alexandra Cummings arrived at besieged Inverary Castle, her life and heart were no longer her own. Captured by rugged Irish rebel Kevin Burke, the daring English noblewoman became a pawn in a dangerous game of treachery and betrayal.

For she lost her heart to the one man she dared not trust, and her passion could not be swayed by reason. But cruel fate tragically plunged Kevin into exile and Alexandra into a loveless marriage. Enemies and lovers, their forbidden desires swept them across a divided realm. A man and a woman bound together pledged their lives toward liberty and love.

Sometimes what you see is not what you get, and people aren't really who you thought they were. Bryn is from the American West where hard living makes women more equal to men than is comfortable for her aristocratic husband. With a decade long arranged marriage to a hard-working second son turned heir and their two sons - she still hasn't learned everything even if she gave up hope long ago.
Victorian Romance
A Novella with a free preview of an upcoming novel.

When the U.S. Government promises Callie Payne and her tribe of Black-Seminoles land in return for service with the U.S. Cavalry as scouts, Callie disguises herself as a man and signs on hoping the government will finally keep its promises. Falling in love is the last thing Callie needs.
Lucien Delacroix hides a dangerous secret. The son of a wealthy white plantation owner and his quadroon mistress, Luc knows the only way he can survive is to pass for white. He doesn’t expect his attraction to the lowly scout, Cal.
As their desire heats up, they both discover that deceit is the least of their worries.
Caught together during the Indian wars in Texas in 1873, Luc and Callie fight not only for survival, but redemption, and discover that two people from vastly different backgrounds can overcome anything as long as there are no lies between them

"An impressive debut..." --Romantic Times Book Club Magazine