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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Free Today! Bedbugs by L.A. Taylor


In 1977 an alien spaceship crashed down in the town of Lemonsville. The next day five people were found dead. They were brutally slaughtered by someone or something.

Now, seventy-three years later, the same type of murders is happening again.

The local police chief has to try to solve the mystery of why people are being killed or have vanished from this small town. He is struggling to find any clues, but a visit to the library and a look through the archives of the town helps.

Now he has to find the link of what happened back then to what’s happening now.

He is running out of time as more people are slaughtered, so a race is on to uncover the mystery of what’s hidden below Lemonsville, but even if he finds out, can he really stop the –