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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Free Today! Taking Stock by C.J. West

Tiny magnetic dots locked deep in Boston's financial district hold the keys to $44 billion. The massive fortune is spread among seventy-five thousand customers and only the computers know exactly how the shares are divided at any given time. Millions are spent to keep the systems safe in their temperature controlled room and keep Internet-based hackers at bay. No one knows this better than the people assigned to safeguard this fortune. Erica Fletcher is one such guardian, buried by an insurmountable workload, precisely how she likes it. Beautiful, smart, tough, nothing can knock her off course and nothing penetrates her defenses. She's locked her emotions away and poured her life into her career. She's a superstar among her peers and a nightmare to any man who tries to control her. Erica's boss wants her out and their confrontation wakes Erica to a stark reality. She's traded her life for success and security, forever running from her mother's mistakes. Her roommate convinces her to slow down and just as her first real romance blooms, her life is thrown into chaos. Two hundred million has disappeared from the firm and the evidence all points to Erica. She fights for her life as she struggles to hold on to the new woman she's become.


C.J. develops his characters brilliantly and makes them easily identifiable with and believable, unlike so many characters who seem to need a cape and cowl to do what they do in suspense novels.
--Frank Cinnella

A chillingly accurate Thriller. Taking Stock is all too real, and downright uncomfortably exciting.
--Carolynn Evans for Curled Up With a Good Book


... West has brilliantly portrayed a world gone crazy where the rule is there are no rules, or are they. Crime fiction meets science fiction in this awesome thriller."
--Book Bitch

Powerful, thought provoking and massively entertaining... I loved this book and the way it made me root for someone who I knew I shouldn't like.


...the book was spellbinding. The plotting is brilliant, and Randy is an exquisite character, an evil genius for the modern age.
--Debra Hamel

C.J. West delivers, from the highly erotic opening scene to the chilling conclusion. Sin & Vengeance is a provocative page-turner brimming with intrigue and heart-pounding suspense.


This book had me so hooked. I loved the plot ... unique and creative [with] just the right about of romance, sexuality, thrills, mystery, and just plain crazy ...
--Tiffany Harkleroad, Tiffany's Bookshelf

CJ's latest offering is a blend of the thrillers we come to expect from him and a new touch of romance, actually a little steamier than just any old romance, so I like to call it a "steamy thriller."