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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Third Batch of Sunday's Free Books 3-17-2013

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These books are free at the time of posting. changes their prices all the time so before you click on the download button, make sure the price for the Kindle Edition (not the Prime Members cost) is $0.00 or £0.00.         Now on to the books . . .

Descercrations by Karina Michaels

Rating: 0 Stars with 0 votes

Category: Literary, Mystery, Romance

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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When the body of Elizabeth Margaret Clavell is discovered in the pond at Clavell Hall, her death throws the rich and insular English family into disarray and the unfolding drama surrounding this event uncovers secrets and sinful actions of the members of the household. The revelations unearth incidents of desperate love and a sexual triangle of illicit liaisons rooted in primeval personal histories of sexual repression, insatiable desire and cowardice all intertwined with the iron will of an all-powerful controlling matriarch in Eugenia Clavell whose actions aim to set the family aright in an effort to correct the past and secure the future.
Gripping, mysterious, vivid and delicious, Desecrations will enthrall you, surprise you, entertain you and leave an indelible image in your mind.
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Moderate Violence, Explicit Swearing, Illegal Recreational Drug Use; Free Today Only

E is for EVER, sailors memoir of the USS Enterprise CVN 65 by Shane Schultz

Rating: 0 Stars with 0 votes

Category: Non Fiction

Price: FREE (Save $.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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The Navy retired the greatest ship of our time in 2013, the USS Enterprise CVN 65 the only ship ever built with more then two nuclear reactors, Enterprise had 8. At 1123 feet long and over 300 feet wide, she was the site of the famed Top Gun Movie, I was there, in her hay day, this is my story of the crazy life of a sailor
traveling around the world on the metal giant, meeting maverick and visiting the most erotic places on earth..
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Implied Sex; Free Today Only

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Nothing Serious by Barbara Morgenroth

Rating: 3.7 Stars with 10 votes

Category: Romance

Price: $2.99 *Price subject to change at any time*

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Escaping the city, Paige Elliot finds the one vacation spot that makes Mid-town Manhattan look positively relaxing. She also finds her life.

Leaving the safety of New York, Paige Elliot heads for the Catskills and opens a shop mistakenly called Nothing Serious. While battling internet withdrawal, and water containing swamp gas pouring from her faucets, Paige deals with someone who invented thick water, almost nails her hand to the storefront, avoids zoning board jail and falls deeply in love with the blue-eyed antiques dealer next door, Jonathan Macklin, even if he doesn't trust her as far as he can throw his Majorelle cabinet.

"I found Ms Morgenroth to possess a smooth sense of humour which shone through in her writing. Through the use of character conversations, the author allows her sense of fun and comedy to reach the reader, in a gentle and personal manner."--Honey Bee Reviews 1/27/13
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13

Iron Bloom (Legend of the Iron Flower) by Billy Wong

Rating: 3.7 Stars with 3 votes

Category: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Young Adult 

Price: $2.99 *Price subject to change at any time*

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The tale of an epic warrior torn between the power of the sword and her longing for a peaceful life.

A young woman with a kind heart and extraordinary constitution, Rose becomes a warrior to better the world. Despite the wealth and fame she wins as one of the greatest champions of her time, the bloody reality of her new life is nothing like her ideal dream. She yearns for a chance to escape the violence.

She finds that chance in Ethan, the leader of an altruistic pacifist group. But when a barbarian horde invades their kingdom, Rose knows that she can make a difference by taking up her sword again. Will her need to protect her homeland cost her the man she loves?

A full length novel intended for both adults and older teens. First in the Iron Flower series.
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Moderate Violence, Some Swearing
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