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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fifth Batch of Thursday's Free Books 3-21-2013

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These books are free at the time of posting. changes their prices all the time so before you click on the download button, make sure the price for the Kindle Edition (not the Prime Members cost) is $0.00 or £0.00.         Now on to the books . . .

How to Improve Concentration at Work - High Achiever Secrets to Staying Focused and Beating Distractions by Peter W. Murphy

Rating: 5 Stars with 1 votes

Category: Non Fiction

Price: FREE (Save $4.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Want to improve concentration at work? In this book you`ll discover simple and proven ways to improve your concentration, beat distractions and stay focused even when the workplace seem too chaotic to allow you to concentrate.

You`ll discover practical strategies specifically for use in the workplace. We will cover the following topics:

- how to increase attention span
- the best ways to minimise distractions
- how to reduce negative stress to improve focus
- why to increase positive stress to concentrate more deeply
- proven tips and techniques that improve concentration
- foods that boost concentration, foods to avoid that stop you concentrating

Once you know how to increase concentration at work you`ll see a big difference in your productivity. You`ll move ahead more quickly in your career and people will respect you in a new way. You`ll become one of those people others look up to and they`ll wonder how you make it look so easy.

What makes this book different?

Its the focus on delivering straight to the point usable strategies that work. This book is for busy people who want answers now. As long as you can follow simple step by step instructions you can expect to make big progress in improving concentration at work.
New Feature!: Book Rating: G; Free Today Only

The Girl with the Haunting Smile by Richard Louden

Rating: 4.8 Stars with 13 votes

Category: Contemporary, Romance

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Greg Harris has been besotted ever since he was eight. As soon as the young Scot saw a photo of Ellen Fromm, a gorgeous ten-year-old from Wilmington, North Carolina, he was hooked by her soft, haunting smile.
He is devastated when, six years later, his beloved pen pal stops writing and vanishes. For many years he makes feverish attempts to contact her but in vain. He feels as if all meaning has gone out of his life. But he never forgets Ellen and clings to the dream that, one day, they will be together.
At last, when he is thirty, he finds a letter Ellen once wrote to his late granddad that transforms his life. When she and Greg eventually meet, it says, she reckons she may fancy him in a big way. As this boost revives his mission in life, Greg arranges a job in Wilmington, flies out and for ages hunts high and low for Ellen.
But a major doubt lurks in his mind. Ever since he was a boy, he has had Tourette's Syndrome and it has cast a shadow over his life. He has never told Ellen about it. Even if he finds her, will his secret ruin his chance of happiness?
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG; Contains: Implied Sex; Free Today Only

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Mulligan Magic (The Mulligans, Book 2) by Deb Stover

Rating: 4.6 Stars with 16 votes

Category: Fantasy, Romance, Suspense

Price: $2.99 *Price subject to change at any time*

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Return to the sprawling Irish countryside and the delightful Mulligan family with award-winning author, Deb Stover, where an old curse sparks the fiery depths of love and passion.

Maggie Mulligan returns from University to teach school in the small village of Ballybronagh, which adjoins Mulligan land.

When Maggie's brother, Riley, moves his bride and son into the renovated family Castle, and their Mum joins them, Maggie chooses to remain at the family Cottage to concentrate on keeping the local school open.

Nick Desmond, former New York City police detective, has a thirst for revenge and justice that leads to Ballybronagh, where he hopes to gather enough evidence to convict his father's murderer. Almost immediately, Nick's yearning for revenge is joined by his overwhelming desire for the beautiful local schoolteacher.

Now, Nick faces more than one type of danger-one from the past, and one very much present-as his passion for Maggie threatens consequences even more devastating than his original mission and endangers the woman who means more to him life....
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Some Violence, No Gore Some Sex, Movements Described Allowed on TV Swearing No Drug Use; Free Today Only

The Mystery Behind Jack the Ripper: Serial Killer by Vickie Britton

Rating: 0 Stars with 0 votes

Category: Non-fiction

Price: $1.99 *Price subject to change at any time*

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Learn all the basic facts and theories about the most famous murder mystery of all time. This concise, comprehensive little guide covers in a nutshell the victims, possible suspects, and explores popular theories such as the Royal Conspiracy Theory,the Maybrick Diary,and Partricia Cornwell's investigation of Walter Sickert. With all the evidence in, you can cast a vote--who was Jack the Ripper?
New Feature!: Book Rating: R; Contains: Lots of Violence, Lots of Gore; Some Sex, No Descriptions; 
No Swearing; Recreational Drug Use
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