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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Second Batch of Thursday's Free Books 3-21-2013

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These books are free at the time of posting. changes their prices all the time so before you click on the download button, make sure the price for the Kindle Edition (not the Prime Members cost) is $0.00 or £0.00.         Now on to the books . . .

The Land Of Dead Flowers (Supernatural thriller) by Natasha A. Salnikova

Rating: 0 Stars with 0 votes

Category: Thriller

Price: FREE (Save $.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Morris Bishop killed his first girl when he was nineteen. He loved his neighbor and he didn’t see any other way to make her belong to him, so he captured her in his house. He couldn’t stop since then. He didn’t think anything or anyone would ever stop him.

A popular mystery writer. Max Stevenson is a realist. He doesn’t believe in little, green men, ghosts, or messages from the world of the dead. That is until he reads an article in a newspaper and starts having dreams of the house. The same house night after night. Now he suddenly wants to write a supernatural thriller, but not until he finds the house. The house from his dreams … Then not only the genre of his book will change, but his whole life.
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Moderate Violence, Moderate Swearing; Free Today Only 

I am Good at Lots of Things by Jessica Arnold

Rating: 4.7 Stars with 6 votes

Category: Children's

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Jessica Arnold started illustrating and writing her own books by hand at the age of seven. Her first book, "I am Good at Lots of Things" was began when she was 7 and completed when she was twelve using the original story and illustrations. It has since become a must read, feel good book for kids.

"I am Good at Lots of Things" is a story about Alex, a girl who feels like she never has any luck. She learns that even if she doesn't win, trying and not giving up is really what makes someone a winner. Great for self-esteem, this novel is written by a child who has had challenges and wanted to share her experiences!
New Feature!: Book Rating: G; Free Today Only

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Beasts of the Walking City (Walking Cities Series) by Del Law

Rating: 4.4 Stars with 28 votes

Category: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Price: $1.99 *Price subject to change at any time*

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On sale for March! Get Beasts of the Walking City now for only $1.99!

A fantastic thriller? A wild steampunk adventure? An Indiana Jones-style romp through the history of another planet? An epic, doomed love story? Gangsters?!?

While Blackwell's world collapses into war, he's trying to figure out what it means to be a noodle-loving, city-dwelling Beast. How's he going to get back from the one-way trip Al Capone just sent him on? Where's his next meal coming from? Who can he trust? Who's out to kill him? (Well, that one is pretty clear.)

Welcome to Beasts of the Walking City,a fast-paced, funny, sexy epic fantasy with steampunk cities that float and walk and fly, wild magic, exploding gangsters at each other's throats, pyrotechnic wizard battles, time travel, crazy new alien races, and the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance. If you like complex characters, intricate histories, a fast moving plot, and a magic that seems real, but you hate thick, ponderous tomes full of dense backstory, this book is for you.
New Feature!: Book Rating: R; Contains: Moderate Swearing

The Camping Guy by Dianne Greenlay

Rating: 0 Stars with 0 votes

Category: Humor

Price: $.99 *Price subject to change at any time*

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If you love camping, or if you hate camping, you are going to love THE CAMPING GUY.

“I opened my business magazine, and that’s when I saw the ad.

Executive De-stressing. Get away from it all.
Guided one-on-one wilderness camping.
Our motto is “If you’re not living on the edge,
You’re taking up TOO MUCH ROOM!”
Call Earl – the Camping Guy!

So I did, and I signed up on the spot. I’d never been camping before. I was really looking forward to it and Earl – well, Earl, he was quite the guy.”

Reminiscent of television’s and theater’s The Odd Couple, The Camping Guy follows the misadventures of Earl, an experienced woodsman, and Johnson, his inept city slicker client, as they spend a camping weekend in the wilds of the Rockies. What was intended to be a de-stressing weekend soon turns into a distressing one, as these two mismatched campers find themselves engaged in unintended and hilarious situations.

Male bonding has never been more funny!
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG; Contains: Some Swearing