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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Featured Book: Quantum Soul by Thomas S. Ireland

Quantum Soul by Thomas S. Ireland

Rating: No Ratings

Category: Science Fiction

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In Earth's early days five governing families decided to form a single secretive all-powerful coalition to run everything on the planet. They moved deeply behind the scenes to control leaders of countries who had no idea these five families even existed. By the year 2178 humans were populating the moon and Mars and the five families were still secretly in control.

This one hundred millennia saga about the inevitable result of evil intentions and actions takes us from the time humans were just leaving Earth to the conquering of the galaxy. In this epic battle of integrity versus atrocity we follow the actions and results of a small number of people of extraordinary wealth and power who work in the shadows to control the actions of all humankind.

Reality is not always what it appears to be. Control is often an illusion. Throughout history, small numbers of ambitious people unfettered by a moral code have been able to exert near total control over large complacent or inattentive populations. This perceived reality of control has always been revealed as illusion. The end result is inevitably devastating to the controlled and the controllers. What if the resulting damage is something far beyond the limited perception of humankind? Does the harm done by humans extend into realms beyond our physical world? And if it does, can it have an effect that is potentially destructive beyond life and matter?

New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Violence; Free Through 10/18/2012