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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Free Today! Shrouds of Darkness

Shrouds of Darkness is about a Leo Malone, a vampire for hire to do just
about whatever you need done. Leo is hired by a young woman and her
brother to find her father, a werewolf and mob accountant, who has gone
missing and is suspected to be responsible for several killings
around Brooklyn. Leo soon finds there is far more going on than a
"simple" werewolf run amok problem. Leo's no nonsense, bullet diplomacy
approach to problem solving has him leaving no stone unturned and no
toes un-stepped on as he tries to unravel a conspiracy that threatens to
topple the enclave and reveal the existence of vampires.

If you like vampires with overly emotional teenaged angst, Leo is not your guy. If you like a wise-cracking, sword swinging, bullet spewing, hard-charging vampire, you don't want to miss out.