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Saturday, February 11, 2012

2 Fiction Titles for Free

A Moonlit Night Saga follows the story of Emily Johansson. She’s a woman with a secret, one that even she doesn’t know about. All that changes when vampires descend upon the town.

Creatures of the night, they have begun terrorizing the town, covered in the shroud of darkness. If Emily hopes to hold back the shadows, she must discover the power hidden deep within her.

A Moonlit Night Saga: Episodes 1 – 4 are a collection of short stories based on the summoner, Emily Johansson, and her vampire companion, Xander Franson. Together they will stop at nothing to uncover the truth about Emily’s powers, and neither heaven nor hell will be able to help them.

A Moonlight Night Saga: Episodes 1 – 4
A Moonlit Night
The Awakening
The Vampire Hunter
Council of Elders

A Moonlit Night Saga: Episodes 5 – 8
House Franson
The Devil Within
A Woman Scorned
The Temple of Prometheus

This episodic novelette is approximately 29,000 words in length.

“Did you ever think how ‘radical’ it would be if this Pier didn’t stop here, but just kept going on and on, connecting lands, kingdoms … whole worlds?”

Melody was surprised by the question. She didn’t know how to respond—and it seemed, oddly enough, that Mr. Conor wasn’t just playing at pretending here, but something deeper, something real…. She peered out over the water and tried visualizing … an infinite pier stretching over the silent, vibrant depths, a pier connecting lands as distant as China thousands of miles away … a pier that continued, on and on, over alien, uncharted waters, ancient lands, lost empires, forgotten peoples…. But then her analytical mind, always naggingly present, it seemed, barged in, and she replied, “An infinite pier? The wooden supports would have to be seven miles long to reach the bottom of the ocean in the deepest places … whoa….”

And then she thought some more and added, “But it wouldn’t be an infinite pier—eventually it’d just circle back around behind us….”

He turned his head now and watched her. “Radical,” he said, smiling.


From the strings of an indestructible violin comes a compelling melody, one that will inspire a deep and moving friendship; and one that will set two powerful enemies on an explosive collision course that will ultimately determine the fate of two worlds.

And in the middle of that collision course is an unassuming thirteen-year-old girl who’s just trying to pass her algebra class ...