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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Free Today! Murder Off the Books by Evelyn David

Is your tuition paid up? College finals are killers–or maybe it's just the people who count the money. A retired Irish Cop and a fast-food loving Irish Wolfhound search for the campus murderer while dealing with a scooter-riding senior with dreams of trenchcoat adventures, a crazed exterminator looking for his ride, and a makeup artist whose mid-life crisis isn't any the less stressful because her clients never complain. A half-million dollars has vanished and a college comptroller is dead. Mackenzie Sullivan, recently retired DC cop and newly-minted private detective, really has no interest in the murder. Mac just needs to find the embezzled money for the university's insurance company. Finding the killer is a bonus that he's not sure he wants to earn.

"A fast-paced mystery with a lively and indomitable heroine, a tough-guy hero, and a lovable dog." –JoAnna Carl, author of The Chocolate Bridal Bash and other Chocoholic Mysteries.

"Evelyn David's quirky sense of humor sparkles on every page. Murder Off The Books is a clever, witty romp with plenty of twists and surprises. A laudable debut." –Kathryn R. Wall, author, Bishop's Reach and the Bay Tanner Mysteries

"Murder off the Books is a fast-paced, engaging read with memorable characters and a plot that never quits. Readers are sure to hang on and enjoy the invigorating, unpredictable ride." –Judith Kelman, author, The Session and Backward in High Heels

"…suspenseful, fast moving, and funny. Before the mystery is solved, Rachel is up to her ears in conflicts…and needs all of her wit and grit to survive. Readers should enjoy this entertaining tale." –Philip Craig, author, Dead in Vineyard Sand and other Martha's Vineyard Mysteries

"Murder Off the Books should definitely win the award for 'Best Performance by a Wolfhound since The Hound of the Baskervilles.' In this quirky mystery, comic relief is provided by the heroine's unusual job and hero's constantly rotating fleet of undercover vehicles (most notably a pest control van)." –Lynne Murray, author of A Ton of Trouble and other Josephine Fuller mysteries.
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