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Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Today! His Majesty the Prince of Toads

Sometimes it takes more than a kiss to change a toad into a handsome prince.

When Captain Lucas Deverall returns from the Peninsular War to succeed to his deceased brother's title, he grudgingly decides to take back his wife. But even before he learns the circumstances of his inheritance, he encounters her at a New Year's gala. Shock sets in as he realizes the most beautiful woman in England is the same gangly, calf-eyed chit who tricked him into marriage six years before.

That's not how Sophie remembers it. She wishes fervently she'd had the sense not to scream when the drunken scapegrace crawled into her bed at her Uncle Harry's house party. True, she'd had a secret tendre for the handsome wastrel, until his scathing denunciation of her after their forced wedding. Then he went off to war without even consummating their union, and for six years she heard nothing from him.

Now the toad offers her forgiveness in exchange for his presence in her bed? Revenge comes more to mind.

And so the battle of wits begins. And the harder they fight it, the more they fall in love.

Review: "His Majesty, Prince of Toads is a delightful romance with interacting dialogue that spins with interesting characters. Sophie's strong-will stays grounded when matched against Lucas. Suffering within the midst of a war has softened him and his trepidation can be felt through his voice. Delle Jacobs creates a believable page-turner. With some well-rounded secondary characters and tight emotions, this reader found this refreshing tale thoroughly captivating." Reviewed by Cherokee of Coffee Time Romance "Delle Jacobs is expert at relationship building and developing original plots. She's the author of two earlier Regency romances, MUDLARK and LADY VALIANT, that I also recommend highly. HIS MAJESTY, THE PRINCE OF TOADS is a treat historical readers won't want to miss." Reviewed by Jane Bowers of Romance Reviews Today
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