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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Today! The Hand of Andulain by Aaron Mahnke


Days ago, Bran Somnerson was a normal young man in an idillic farming village. And then the outside world broke through and changed everything...

A dying messenger...

A band of otherworldly foot soldiers...

An ancient artifact...

With his world crumbling around him, Bran's only hope is to run. Far from his family. Far from his home. And far from the life he once knew. But the unknown world that awaits him is full of its own share of danger and treachery, enemies and intrigue.

Can Bran save himself from the evil he is running from?

Can he wrestle with the mysterious dreams and visions that plague him?

Can he and his allies manage to stop an enemy so evil, so powerful and so deadly that the fate of an entire continent hangs in the balance?