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Monday, December 3, 2012

Featured Book: He Called Her 'Hat' by Myron C. McDonald

He Called Her 'Hat', That Tough Little Lady by Myron C. McDonald

Rating: 3.8 Stars with 6 votes

Category: Memoir

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"Her name was Harriette DePeele Corey Bair, a tiny thing, perhaps a half inch over five feet. She was quick, with the passionate, egocentric vitality I ascribe to the French--quick to respond whether in love or temper. She never left you long in doubt as to where you stood in her estimation and she was a shrewd judge of human nature. She was sensationally strong for her size, probably never weighed more than a hundred pounds, but she milked six cows by hand, night and morning, worked a garden of at least an acre and kept a house so immaculate it was the despair of all her female kin. She could lift her own weight without a grunt, loved off-color stories, brewed her own hard cider, raised her own wheat, danced on Saturday nights at the local town hall, and was vitally in love with life.After her first husband died, she married a man 20 years her junior. Tall, handsome and somewhat lackadaisical, Frank Bair worshiped her and did her every bidding."

From here the story takes off in amusing, sometimes hilarious, always entertaining true-life recollections of Hat's remarkable life in the early twentieth century, USA.