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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fifth Batch of Thursday's Free Books 12-20-2012

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These books are free at the time of posting. changes their prices all the time so before you click on the download button, make sure the price for the Kindle Edition (not the Prime Members cost) is $0.00 or £0.00.         Now on to the books . . .

One Chance: A Powerful Romantic Suspense Thriller About Family, Friendship, Love, Honor, and Courage. by Daniel Patterson

Rating: 3.5 Stars with 6 votes

Category:  Mystery, Religious, Romance 

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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 #1 Amazon Bestselling Religious Fiction Mystery.
Small town, small least that's how it's always been.
But when cars go missing...and people start dying...
It's up to Deputy Penelope Chance to put things right.

One Chance

Penelope is an average Sheriff's Deputy, stationed in the quaint little town of Franklin, Florida. She usually solves small mysteries, and deals with minor cases in and around Franklin. But deep down, no matter how hard she tried to quell it, she had a desire for something more exciting to happen.

So when she gets a call about an attempted murder, she can't help but get excited... But when she learns who the victim is... And who's suspected of the crime... her blood runs cold. What starts out as an attempted murder quickly turns into a murder mystery that's going to leave Penelope questioning her faith in the people around her and in herself.

Will Penelope find the culprit and the truth behind everything that's happening in her peaceful little town, or will the case go cold and land in the unsolved mysteries file? Is this a test from God for Penelope and everyone else involved or just one of many bumps in the road to come?

Find out in One Chance, the debut mystery novel from Christian fiction author Daniel Patterson.

New Feature!: Book Rating: PG; Contains: Moderate Violence; Free Today Only

Petectives : Christmas Party by Robert J. Smith

Rating: 4.3 Stars with 3 votes

Category:  Mystery 

Price: FREE (Save $1.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Christmastime is here! But someone not filled with the holiday spirit is trying to kill an obnoxious dog and cat detective Gatsby finds himself in the crossfire. If Gatsby survives, he wants to throw a Christmas Eve blowout for the neighborhood animals. His partner Yoshi is dead set against the party but he may be able to use it to unmask a would-be killer and teach Gatsby what Christmas is all about. Throw in a canine love triangle and a cute orphan and you've got the recipe for one riveting Yuletide affair. The Petectives are throwing a Christmas party and you don't want to miss it!
A 19,000 word mystery novella

New Feature!: Book Rating: G; Free Today Only

Freedom Road by T.M. Souders

Rating: 4.7 Stars with 12 votes

Category: Young Adult

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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**FINALIST, USA Book Awards, Young Adult Fiction, 2012**

For most of her life, music has been eighteen-year-old Samantha Becker's only expressive outlet against her dysfunctional family. But when her fathers' careless actions lead to an “accident,” Sam’s ability to play the guitar dies along with her dreams of attending Juilliard.

Just when Sam has given up, a budding friendship and an unexpected love force her to evaluate all she's ever known. Armed with a new-found confidence, Sam battles her father’s plans for her future, band mates using her for personal gain, and a permanent injury. But will it be enough? Julliard auditions are almost here. Time's running out, and Sam must re-learn to play the guitar or give up her dreams forever.

New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Moderate Swearing; Free Today Only

Dog Breed Facts for Fun! Book B by Wyatt Michaels

Rating: 5 Stars with 1 votes

Category: Children's, Non Fiction, Young Adult, Animals

Price: FREE (Save $3.49) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Which breed is considered to be the most intelligent? Which breed is used to detect termites in Australia? Which breed has a nickname of "barkless dog"?

The answers to these questions and more are presented in a fun and interactive way for kids of all ages. Interesting and unique dog breed facts focusing on seven dog breed types, the Airedale Terrier, Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Malamute, American Cocker Spaniel, American Bulldog, Australian Cattle Dog, and Australian Shepherd are included in this volume.

This dog breed quiz book is enhanced by pictures of the dogs as well as associated people and places. Kids will love the fun; parents will love the education, including history and geography, that is disguised through the facts.

New Feature!: Book Rating: G; Free Today Only