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Friday, November 9, 2012

Third Batch of Friday Free Books 11-9-2012

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These books are free at the time of posting. changes their prices all the time so before you click on the download button, make sure the price for the Kindle Edition (not the Prime Members cost) is $0.00 or £0.00.          
Now on to the books . . .

Norton the Vampire by Brian Clopper

Rating: 5.0 Stars with 1 vote

Category: Fantasy

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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In the Shadow Territories of Cascade, all manner of nocturnal creatures attend school under the cover of the night. Basilisks, werewolves, nightshades, vampires, ghouls, orcs and poltergeists make for quite the interesting student body. For Norton, a wayward vampire with big dreams, his Career Day report spells doom, disaster and an unlikely adventure. Norton wants more than anything to be a lifeguard at Oracle Beach, a career his protective mother knows comes with a horrible price.

With his trusted friends at his side, Norton embarks on a quest that takes him throughout the magical realm to find a way to bring his dream to unlife!

This newest edition to the Cascade series has plenty of wild characters: a moat monster bent on retiring, a wizard imprisoned in a firehound's body, another appearance by the Flying Mummy and a whimsical crossover with the cast from Graham the Gargoyle.

New Feature!: Book Rating: PG; Free Today Only

Daughters of Night: Sanctuary by Ashley Torbeck

Rating: 3.0 Stars with 1 vote

Category: Young Adult, Paranormal

Price: FREE (Save $3.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Life is hard. Death is harder. But for Carmen, the two go hand-in-hand.

Carmen Heathers finally gets a new lease on life, just in time to have it ripped away before she even got to enjoy it. Luckily for her, she has a vampire for a soul mate who gives her the choice of death, or living life as a monster with him. Her choice to live in darkness and her love for Gaviyn end a centuries-old curse that has claimed her life more times than Gaviyn cared to remember. Suddenly, though, her life is in danger again. Along with a group of outcast witches and vampires, Carmen is facing yet another battle for her life. But this time, the stakes have never been higher…

New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Contains: Moderate Swearing; Free Today Only

Lethal Takeout (Ghost Post Mysteries #1) by Vered Ehsani

Rating: 4.0 Stars with 1 vote

Category: Humor, Paranormal

Price: FREE (Save $4.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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When Axe Cooper is murdered while picking up Chinese takeout, he’s pretty irritated about the loss of a good dinner, not to mention being dead. Not prepared to move on just yet, Axe decides to stick around and haunt his best friend Lily Chan while trying to figure out why anyone would kill a janitor. In the meantime, Axe is hired by The Ghost Post to track down recently deceased writers. As he learns more about his new phantom friends, Axe realises that his murder is not an isolated event and that if he doesn’t learn to fly like Superman, Lily could be next.

New Feature!: Book Rating: PG-13; Free Through 11/10/2012

A Lovely, Indecent Departure by Steven Lee Gilbert

Rating: 4.2 Stars with 23 votes

Category: Literary, Thriller

Price: FREE (Save $6.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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A Lovely, Indecent Departure is the riveting and emotionally-charged debut from a promising new voice in literary thrillers, and a captivating story of a mother's love and desperation set amidst the heart wrenching landscape of child custody.

Anna Miller wants only one thing, her son, and she will do anything to keep him. When a district court awards custody of Oliver to his father, she abducts the five year old and flees to Italy where with her family's help they disappear into the fabric of her native homeland. Told in prose that is both stripped-down and overpowering, Gilbert shapes the everyday conflict of child custody into a stunning search for sense of worth. Standing in the young woman's way is Evan Meade, the boy's guileful and mean-spirited father, who hires a private investigator when the efforts of the embattled local sheriff, Monroe Rossi, fail to track them down. But as the investigation draws them all closer to Anna, Evan's true nature betrays itself and the question of what's in the child's best interest becomes not so clear anymore.

Objectively detailed, in a voice that refuses to intrude on the minds of its characters, A Lovely, Indecent Departure, captures in stark detail a world in which modern archetypes are turned upside down and shows what an extraordinary splash Steven Lee Gilbert has made with his first novel.
New Feature!: Book Rating: PG; Contains: Moderate Swearing; Free Through 11/10/2012