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Monday, November 5, 2012

Featured Book: Binder Full of Women by Kathleen Miles

Binder Full of Women (Billionaire Binder Series) by Kathleen Miles

Rating: 4.7 Stars with 21 votes

Category: Romance

Price: FREE (Save $2.49) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Experience the fabulous feeling of love in this short, easy to read romance.

Do you live for happily ever after? Rachel does, Trent doesn’t.

After making the huge mistake of telling a vital business partner that he was married, billionaire Trent needs to find a wife to save his family business. More importantly he needs to fulfill his promise he made his grandfather, whom he owed all, to carry on that business.

Marriage was something he vowed to himself to always avoid. From his childhood he knew that loving someone could lead to great depths of pain. He will make a marriage of convenience, a business deal on both ends with a woman that his best friend, Rachel, helps picks for him from binders full of women.

Rachel is disgusted with the idea of helping Trent choose a wife from a binder of all things. Recently burned by a man she loved she won’t give up on the idea that there is a true love meant for all. She is not pleased with Trent’s decision, but will do anything to help her friend.

When the first woman selected nearly agrees to the situation and then runs off with another man, Trent is in an even tighter time crunch. Trent reluctantly agrees to let Rachel pose as his wife for his vital business trip that will ensure the continuation of is company and his promise to his grandfather.

When they are walking down a beach there are decisions they must face. Will they risk their friendship for love?

This is a short novella that will bring you a great escape. It’s a quick read that will only take about 40 to 50 minutes to enjoy in one sitting. It is also broken into chapters if you prefer to spread your reading out over more than one day. Read it today and indulge yourself in that delicious feeling of happily ever after that every series romance brings.

New Feature!: Book Rating: R; Contains:  Implied Sex and Moderate Swearing; Free Through 11/6/2012