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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Free Books 6-16-2012

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Count With Me by Victorine Lieske

Rating: No Ratings
Children's, Non Fiction
Price: FREE (Save $1.99) *Price subject to change at any time* 

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This book counts from 1 to 20, and each page has Amy the Alien hiding somewhere! This book is geared toward small children who are learning how to count.

New Feature!: Book Rating: G, Free Through 6/17/2012

Our resident expert 4-year-old thinks that Victorine's Amy the Alien books are amazing! I suppose we should mosey on over and leave a review . . . Do you leave reviews for books you like?  Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

The Chesapeake by Ken Rossignol & Larry Jarboe

Rating: 4.8 Stars with 4 votes
Price: FREE (Save $1.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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This collection of short stories aptly describes the tidewater region of Maryland. Join the writers of The Chesapeake as they relate only true tales of murder, mayhem and madness. Included in this unusual treasure trove of trivia are many fine works of art dedicated to helping one actually catch fish, learn how to cook them and advise to city slickers.

The following are a few words from our esteemed fishing writer: Cap'n Larry Jarboe ---

One of the most common comments that CHESAPEAKE readers relate to me concern the fish pictures we feature in my articles about fishing. While most other writers of outdoor columns are content to hold up a fish or two, I strive for a cooler full, a full stringer, or a bucket full of fish for my effort.

Many people ask how is it possible to catch so many fish in a morning or afternoon of fishing. My answer is simple. While most people focus on fishing, I concentrate on catching.

There are two major things to know if you want to catch a mess of fish, when to fish and where to fish.

Join Fred McCoy, Jack Rue, Mark Robbins, Mel Brokenshire, Vi Englund, Rich Johnson, Stephen Gore Uhler, Joey Greenwell, Pepper Langley, Alan Brylawski and other great writers of The Chesapeake to explore the land of the flask, the fiddle and the dark roasted possum! Learn the art of lucky fishing!

New Feature!: Book Rating: G, Free Through 6/19/2012

The Folks at Fifty-Eight by Michael Patrick Clark

Rating: 4.7 Stars with 7 votes
Category: Thriller
, Historical
Price: FREE (Save $5.49) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Gerald Hammond is the exception to the rule; an honourable spy, whose lofty principles have brought him nothing but loneliness and isolation. Catherine Schmidt is the stunning young daughter of an assassinated spymaster, whose murderous quest for vengeance has left her at the mercy of the infamous Head of Soviet State Security.

On a covert operation, in Soviet-occupied Germany, Hammond has no knowledge of the unseen forces that sponsor and oppose his mission. He only knows that he must somehow save her to save himself, but, as ever-more disturbing revelations come to light, begins to wonder which poses the greater threat; the enemy he runs from, or the friend he runs to?

Set against a factual background of government conspiracy, and one of the most audacious espionage coups in history, the Folks at Fifty-Eight is a beautifully-paced tale of seduction, betrayal, blackmail, and murder that blurs the boundaries between fact and fiction.

New Feature!: Book Rating: R, Contains: Violence, Sex, and Swearing Free Through 6/17/2012

The Love of a Cowboy by Anna Jeffrey

Rating: 4.8 Stars with 21 votes
Category: Romance

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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When Texas beauty Dahlia Montgomery’s husband winds up dead in a car crash with another woman by his side, Dahlia is forced to face challenges she had never imagined. Not only had he been unfaithful, he left her broke and saddled with a small Dallas software company under investigation by the SEC and the IRS.

She handled all of it with her usual calm efficiency, but she had to take bankruptcy and abandon a promising business career of her own. With no other options, Shattered and depressed, she moved back to her small West Texas hometown to live with her father and help him in his mom and pop grocery store.

Two years later, her life still is going nowhere and she's miserable. She allows her best friend to drag her off to the Idaho wilderness to work on a surveying crew for the summer. The friend’s idea is for a different environment to elevate Dahlia’s mood and give her a different perspective on life. And it does. Just when she thought she would never meet another man she could or would trust, she runs into, literally, wealthy cattle rancher, Luke McRae.

Luke is the manager of a huge, family-owned, ranching dynasty, which includes thousands of acres of grassland and timber. Having found love in the wrong place as a randy nineteen-year-old, he’s now saddled with more than taking care of the ranch. He has an alcoholic ex-wife, with whom he has an ongoing feud over custody of their two teenage daughters, a mentally and physically challenged son who suffers from FAS and a mother who has no intention of letting him forget how he got into his predicament.

When he meets Dahlia, the new half-Filipino beauty in town from Texas, he’s in no mood for love. Sex is all he’s after. He usually satisfies his needs out of town, but the mix of beauty and brains he finds in Dahlia is hard to resist. They spend a lusty, romantic summer.

As thoughts of her start to fill all of his waking and sleeping moments, he begins to worry over what he’s going to do about her. He loves her, but bringing a woman who's an outsider into his family presents way too many obstacles. His solution is to cut and run.

Meanwhile, Dahlia's aged father suffers a sudden stroke and she's called to return to Texas immediately. Neither she nor Luke knows that when she leaves Idaho, she carries Luke's child. Months later, in a letter from her best friend, Luke learns she has given birth to a perfect son, a potential heir to the McRae dynasty. He’s driven to travel to Texas to try to recapture what he and Dahlia had through that fateful Idaho summer and to claim his son. That is, if she doesn’t send him packing all the way back to Idaho.