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Friday, June 8, 2012

Fifth Batch of Friday Free Books 6-8-2012

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Rating: 4.8 Stars with 12 votes
Category: Humor, Romance
Price: FREE (Save $4.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Nisha Desai is a young Indian woman who pines for romance in a country where love is in the same class as malaria, and where mates are selected using a calculator.

Normally deluged with ghastly suitors of her father's choosing, she suddenly finds herself on the short list for a bride-seeing tour by a rich and handsome nephew of a neighbor. This is the stuff of which dreams are made.

A nightmare materializes when a very un-Indian ruffian moves in next door, complete with beard and obnoxious Harley motorcycle. He might play the bad boy in one of Nisha's beloved romance novels, but in real life, he terrifies her.

So she tries to ignore the thundering engine of the bike while anxiously awaiting the arrival of Prince Charming--or at least, Prince Rich.

But arriving first are a long-lost black-sheep American aunt and her trouble-magnet teenage daughters. The aunt proves to be a New Age space case, while the cousins’ appetite for disasters threatens to level the city of Ahmedabad. In short order, the demented cousins instigate an elopement, a public protest, and a riot that gets Nisha thrown in jail.

Nisha’s family comes to the conclusion that while East and West may meet, sometimes they shouldn't. The guests are seen as an invading force, equipped with weapons of mass corruption.

While Nisha wonders how she can hide her now corroded reputation from the dream suitor's family, insanity marches on. Nisha's father adopts a pet cow and convinces half the city it's the reincarnation of a Hindu deity. The two families are finally united in a common goal: to bilk thousands. The result is Madison Avenue's idea of a religious experience, which is not a controllable situation.

Indian Maidens Bust Loose is a hilarious romantic comedy set in the land of cows, curry, and the Kama Sutra.

This Is Life by Seth Harwood

Rating: 4.8 Stars with 18 votes
Category: Mystery, Crime
Price: FREE (Save $3.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Jack is back! In this bigger, better, and more bad-ass sequel to the grass-roots sensation Jack Wakes Up, former movie star Jack Palms returns to find San Francisco spiraling into chaos.

When a crooked cop is taken apart by a .50 caliber anti-tank gun and the SFPD rules it a suicide, Sergeant Mills Hopkins hires Jack to find the cop-killer—and who’s covering things up. Teaming with former NFL lineman Freeman Jones and sexy Federal Agent Jane Gannon, Jack discovers that Russian pimp and drug runner Alexi Akakievich is cleaning house. Across the city, beautiful young sex slaves are turning up dead—a public message to their politically connected owners that Akakievich no longer needs their business. Now he just wants their power.

Soon Jack finds himself dodging both .50 caliber shells and double-crosses as he struggles to determine how high the city’s corruption goes and how far he’ll descend into the violence and depravity of his new life to stop it.

Regression by Kathy Bell

Rating: 4.0 Stars with 5 votes
Category: Science Fiction, Romance
Price: FREE (Save $3.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Fourteen-year-old Adya Jordan wakes after a terrible accident with memories of another life...and echoes of even more. Was the family and husband all a dream, or did she really die in 2011 and begin all over again in 1985?

As Adya searches for answers, she encounters the Three Eleven Corporation. The leaders of this powerful global entity share her recollections of past lives, but not her philosophy about the world they are trying desperately to save from a future disaster. The company is trying to remedy future mistakes with past actions, but might not be changing the right things to prevent the fall of humanity.

Stuck in a desolate future, scientist Nicholas Weaver is forced to watch Adya replay the past again and again as he labors alone to save the world from the disaster he has lived over and over. Is this the time they finally get it right and save the woman he loves? If not, does he have the will to try again?

Book One of the Infinion Trilogy, Regression was an Amazon Bestseller, in the Science Fiction and Fantasy bestseller top 100 for 28 days as a new release, peaking at #17

Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids by Rob Elliott

Rating: 5.0 Stars with 3 votes
Category: Children's
Price: FREE (Save $4.99) *Price subject to change at any time*

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Q: Why can't you trust a pig?
A: It will always squeal on you.

Q: Why was the bird nervous after lunch?
A: He had butterflies in his stomach.

Q: What kind of bear doesn't have any teeth?
A: A gummy bear.

All kids love animals, and all kids love to laugh. Now the author of the bestselling Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes for Kids offers this fresh collection of hundreds of animal-themed jokes that will have animal lovers rolling in the aisles.

Forget about chickens crossing roads. Zoolarious Animal Jokes for Kids is a veritable joke jungle for young comedians everywhere.