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Friday, May 25, 2012

Second Batch of Friday Free Books 5-25-2012

The May Contest is up and running! There are more ways to win and it's more fun with friends.   
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Rating: 4.1 stars with 26 votes
Category: Legal Thriller
Price: FREE (Save $4.99) *Price subject to change at any time*     

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Florida’s most mismatched law partners are back in this Edgar-nominated tale. A Coral Gables blueblood, Victoria Lord plays by the rules. A Coconut Grove beach bum, Steve Solomon makes up his own, starting with: “When the law doesn’t work, work the law.”

The action starts when a boat runs aground in the Florida Keys. Aboard are a thousand hundred-dollar bills and two men, one shot by a speargun. The other man is Victoria’s “Uncle Grif,” who desperately needs a lawyer...or two. But Grif, charged with murder, is a lawyer’s worst nightmare, a client who keeps secrets. Just what is he planning in the Florida Keys and why would he kill an investigator for the Environmental Protection Agency?

The tale roams from the streets of Miami to a waterfront nudist colony to a Key West courtroom with Solomon and Lord – squabblers extraordinaire – fighting all the way. Will they succeed in defending Grif? Will they learn the truth? And will they end the case as partners and lovers or enemies and litigants?

The Dog That Talked to God by Jim Kraus

Rating: 4.6 stars with 18 votes
Category: Christian Fiction
Price: FREE (Save $14.99) *Price subject to change at any time*    

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A wonderfully quirky, heart-breaking, heart-warming and thought-provoking story of a woman's dog who not only talks to her, he talks to God.

Recently widowed Mary Fassler has no choice except to believe Rufus, the miniature schnauzer, who claims to speak to the Divine.

The question is: Will Mary follow the dog's advice, and leave everything she knows and loves? Is this at the urging of God? Or is it something else? Will Mary risk it all or ignore the urgings of her own heart?


Rating: 5.0 stars with 6 votes
Category: Political Thriller
Price: FREE (Save $8.99) *Price subject to change at any time*  

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Four shots and four New York billionaires are dead. The killer has disappeared without a trace. Long Island’s summer season shuts down as the body count mounts. No more yachting, dinners on the terrace, or charity galas. The Hamptons are empty. Having immense wealth suddenly isn’t fun, not while a silent and capable sniper is on the hunt.

He isn’t seeking attention. He isn’t after ransom. His motives are unknown. The only insight is found on index cards which show up in the mailrooms of major news stations saying “I KILL RICH PEOPLE”.

The donor whales scream at New York’s Mayor, Congressmen, and Senators for protection. But money and power won’t stop the shooter.
As the killing continues, a fan club grows for the shooter; the rich are suddenly the enemy, thanks mainly to Emerson Elliot, the radio shock jock who fans the flames. Elliot’s program exercises a populist voice that, to the ultra-rich, makes Elliot as threatening as the shooter.

While New York’s richest hide or die, a dozen law-enforcement agencies scramble for answers. Each agency is grabbing for newly-released federal funds and every one of them pursues its own agenda. Only Owen Cullen, NYPD’s lead detective, puts his life on the line to stop the shooter simply because that is the job. His job is to catch the killer, even as he is losing his own home to foreclosure. His family and friends might not understand, but Owen can’t afford to have second thoughts about saving billionaires. He has to do it; the job is who he is.

Owen and the select inter-agency unit around him begin to see some success while thousands of others are failing, but their momentum presses them toward a collision that some of them may not survive.

Family Ties by Louise Behiel

Rating: 4.7 stars with 14 votes
Category: Romance
Price: FREE (Save $3.99) *Price subject to change at any time* 

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Grayson Mills realized long ago that he’s unable to establish and sustain meaningful relationships - especially with women. He’s constructed a lifestyle that leaves him alone and his sexy new neighbor isn’t going to change his decision - especially since she has a horde of kids running around.

Child psychologist Andie Bowen has four foster children, all with high emotional needs. Andie’s committed to the children and she’s not going to upset them by getting involved with a man who could never accept her family.

But when an unknown assailant starts tormenting Andie’s family, Gray’s personal code demands that he protect his neighbor and her children. Surrounded by family, Gray’s long dormant childhood nightmares return, driving him to seek their meaning.

Together Andie and Gray will face his past,while struggling to keep her family safe and together they will forge Family Ties.