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Monday, September 3, 2012

Featured Book! 200 Best Kindle Fire Apps by James Wulff

Rating: 5.0 Stars with 4 votes
Category: Non Fiction

Price: FREE (Save $2.99) *Price subject to change at any time* 

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Enjoy The Very Best Kindle Fire Apps

Take the time, frustration, and risk out of finding apps for your Kindle Fire with this comprehensive and well organized guide. Suitable for everyone from beginners to Kindle Fire app experts, this book takes the worry out of downloading and purchasing Kindle Fire apps by guiding you to the very best apps in a wide variety of categories. Every Kindle Fire app in this guide has been hand-picked and represent a no-risk choice for your new tablet.

Kindle Fire Tested

The Kindle Fire shares the Android operating system with a variety of devices, including cell phones, tablet computers, and netbooks. Some Android apps are not fully compatible with the Kindle Fire. This guide takes the risk out of app selection by containing only apps that have been tested by Amazon to work on the Kindle Fire.

Unbiased Reviews

Most review websites, and even some books here on Amazon, are just poorly disguised affiliate marketing schemes, where the authors make money every time you purchase one of the Kindle Fire apps they recommend. This means they tend to push you towards expensive Kindle Fire apps where they make higher commissions, when free apps for your Kindle Fire are often the better choice. Unlike these other sources, this guide contains many free apps for the Kindle Fire, and only recommends paid apps when they are clearly superior.

Fast and Easy Selection

With a helpful and fully clickable table of contents, just select the category of Kindle Fire apps you are interested in, browse the reviews, and then click the link to be taken straight to the Amazon page for that app.

Most Comprehensive Guide Available

Covering 200 of the very best Kindle Fire apps in 19 categories, this guide is the most complete available on Amazon or on the web. Most guides cover just a few Kindle Fire apps, but given the richness of apps available for your Kindle Fire, you deserve a more thorough approach. This guide has extended coverage of popular Kindle Fire app categories like games, but also includes important but frequently neglected areas such as education and cooking.

Kindle Fire App Categories Covered:

- Games
- Comics and Humor
- Education
- Entertainment
- Banking and Finance
- Health and Fitness
- Lifestyle
- Music
- Photography
- Productivity
- Shopping
- Social Networking
- Sports
- Travel
- Cooking
- Weather
- Kids
- News
- Utilities

The Most Up To Date Guide

This book is updated monthly to contain the best Kindle Fire apps available at the time of publication. With new Kindle Fire apps becoming available regularly, having a current guide is essential.